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The easiest way to help the Atheist Community of Austin to achieve its goals is to help out on a committee. There are 7 primary committees, each of which is supported by several subcommittees.

To volunteer, just click the email icon and you'll be put in touch with the people who can help you get started.

  • Activisim
  • Give members opportunities to participate in political activities primarily aimed at protecting and promoting church-state separation. This group is also responsible for keeping the general membership informed about political or social issues affecting atheists, such as discrimination against non-theists. (More Information)

    • Voter - Don Baker
    • Provide information to ACA members and the greater community concerning the stands and track records of political candidates with respect to issues of interest to atheists. (More Information)

  • Activities - Beth Presswood
  • Provide opportunities for the membership to socialize, work and learn together. Shared activities foster a sense of community and give purpose to the ACA organization. Variety is essential when planning activities so that all members can be able to find something in ACA that interests them. (More Information)

    • Campus Outreach - Jennifer Peeples
    • The campus outreach committee will act as liaison to various university and high school campus groups with interests compatible with the ACA's mission. (More Information)

    • Community Service - Joe Zamecki
    • Provide opportunities for members to promote positive atheism by performing acts of community service. Working together for a charitable cause encourages a sense of community and purpose among ACA members. By being active in our community, ACA also projects a positive image of atheists and atheism to the general public. (More Information)

    • Lectures and Presentations - Don Rhoades
    • Locate and invite speakers to address the group on topics of interest to atheists. Such lectures also serve to educate visitors about the atheist community. (More Information)

      • Formal Debates - Russell Glasser
      • The debate committee will organize and participate in formal debates concerning topics of interest to atheists. (More Information)

    • Social Activities - Beth Presswood
    • Arrange monthly casual gatherings for the purpose of socializing; create informal opportunities for conversation or play; and encourage members to form personal relationships with one another. This enhances the feeling of community within the group and gives visitors an opportunity to meet members, thereby learning more about the ACA. (More Information)

    • Special Events
    • Provide opportunities for special group trips, tours or private parties. Events may be social or educational. These events help foster a sense of community and camaraderie among members. (More Information)

  • Archivist - John Iacoletti
  • The archivist keeps the historical archives of the ACA, including documents, photos, and other media. The archives should be indexed and made available for use by the membership. (More Information)

  • Building - Don Rhoades
  • The building committee is charged with finding a home for the ACA. (More Information)

  • Communication - Matt Dillahunty
  • This committee's goal is to address the specific needs of dealing with both the ACA constituency and the general public. It will be charged with managing all aspects of disseminating and responding to news, information and education; both internally through its outreach programs, productions, publications, publicity, and postings of appropriate information and externally though all appropriate media channels available to it. This committee will have the ongoing goal and challenge of "connecting" with as many people as possible in the ACA's continuous endeavor of reaching a vast and diverse public. (More Information)

    • Advertising & Marketing
    • Managing all aspects of any ACA advertising initiatives as well as any marketing campaigns directed to the news media and/or segments of the general public. (More Information)

    • Atheist Experience TV Show - Shelley Roberts
    • Managing and maximizing community access television outreach opportunities in the most appropriate manner for the purpose and goals of the ACA. (More Information)

    • Godless Bitches - Beth Presswood
    • The Godless Bitches podcast explores feminism, religion, and reproduction from a secular perspective. (More Information)

    • Internet Communications - Don Baker
    • Managing and maximizing the ACA web site and other Internet opportunities (More Information)

    • Media Relations - Matt Dillahunty
    • Finding and fostering positive public relations opportunities for the ACA, developing ongoing press relations with the news media, and managing all official media statements, news releases and spokesperson requests, among other duties to be identified. (More Information)

      • Writers
      • This group was formed to handle all public writing needs of the group, including press releases, editorials and feature articles. All members who are interested in receiving help with their own writing are encouraged to sign in and post their work to the group's message board. (More Information)

    • Non Prophets Internet Audio Show - Matt Dillahunty
    • Managing and maximizing Internet radio outreach opportunities in the most appropriate manner for the purpose and goals of the ACA. (More Information)

    • Print Publications - Don Baker
    • Producing all official written and/or graphical ACA publications, including a restored ACA Newsletter. (More Information)

    • Products - Matt Dillahunty
    • The products committee manages items for sale by the ACA. (More Information)

  • Library - Don Rhoades
  • The library committee is for the collection and maintenance of materials for the ACA Library. (More Information)

  • Membership - John Iacoletti
  • The goal of this committee is to manage the business of attracting new members into the ACA organization, and retaining current members. (More Information)

    • Membership Renewal Drive - John Iacoletti
    • This committee is charged with creating and producing an appealing campaign of reading material aimed at enticing renewed membership applications from each category of new, existing and expired members as well as contacting prospective members currently on the ACA's list as having requested to receive information. (More Information)

    • New Member Orientation - John Iacoletti
    • Educate interested new members about all aspects of membership in the ACA. and help develop them into knowledgeable resources for the ACA. This subcommittee also appoints and trains interested volunteer members to be "Greeters" and "Volunteer Services Contacts" who meet and visit with guests at all ACA functions and set appointments with existing and new members who express a desire to attend orientation presentations about the functions and operations of the ACA. (More Information)

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