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Ancillary Efforts

The ACA is making an impact on the world through our various ancillary efforts. The Internet is certainly helping to make that possible. Let's take a look at some of the things we've done in recent years and we are continuing to do.

Besides our flagship activities and special interest groups, ACA members have done a number of things that deserve special mention.

ACA on the Internet

ACA has a number of secondary homes on the Internet, including:

ACA Members' Projects and Web Sites

ACA members have created web sites and other Internet resources:

If you know of other sites that should be included here, let us know.

Notable ACA Efforts

Looking back to 2004, one of the ACA's more notable accomplishments was our participation in a "friend of the court" brief for the Supreme Court in the Michael Newdow pledge case. While his case was thrown out on a frustrating technicality, he will likely be back before the Supreme Court on the pledge issue in the next few years. Perhaps we can re-file the brief for that case when it happens. ACA member Jeff Dee was a major contributor to the brief on the ACA's behalf.

A number of our members have also testified before the Texas State Board of Education to try to improve the textbooks used in schools throughout Texas. We like to think our testimony in 2003 helped keep Intelligent Design out of the biology textbooks under review that year. Unfortunately, in 2005 the health textbooks were already censored of much of the contraceptive information before the state reviewed them. They've gone to press as "damaged goods", as far as we're concerned.

In 2004, the ACA hosted the Texas Atheists and Agnostics Conference for atheists and agnostics from across the state. Our keynote speaker was Michael Newdow.

For more about the history of our organization, take a look at our history page and our scrapbooks pages.

ACA's Connection to Other Organizations

Besides our formal affiliations we have a more intimiate association with a number of organizations:

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