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Non-Prophets 6.21 The existense of Jesus

First of all I would like to say that I did not like the "poisoning of the intro" part. But the bit on Jesus was interesting. To me, the story of Jesus was created because of division of labor. Think about this: Not all people were/are willing to work difficult jobs. So some people made up a story about "God," and the birth of "God" in human form from a virgin, Jesus. If one person conveyed this absurd story to another and that person believed it, then he or she was susceptible to work a difficult job. The swindling person would have been thinking "wow, this person is a fu*k up. This person does not have the critical thinking necessary for schooling or for dealing with people." One difficult job would have been mining. Many people died while mining. There were mine collapses, and other hazards. Nothing is more bothersome than religion and spirituality. Being religious or spiritual is stupid. But being one who knows not to be either but wants others to be is the worst thing. It is inefficient/ineffective political rule. I would be delighted if such inefficient/ineffective political rulers were in need of a medicine that did not become available until the day following their death, in addition to a miserable life. This is a quick observation: Religion and spirituality are a part of how the universe functions. But incorrect answers to math problems are also part of how the universe functions. Perhaps the religion and spirituality just occur in the "Earth" region.


Could you please post the your sources of other made up messiahs? I would like that.

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