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Synod emphasises compatibility of religion and science

Another Gem from sunny England.

Slightly quote mining here but.. I love this bit "He added that gravity, light and time were all manifestations of God's love".

I read several articles about the clergy's announcement that science and religion are compatible. I believe this pronouncement is because the war on science is a lost cause that has been more harmful to religion than to science. Since there is no way to dispute the theory of Evolution or the Big Bang theory; it's better to say religion and science are compatible. However, some of them put the blame for the hostilities between science and religion on "militant atheists who were wrong to claim science and religion are incompatible."

Characterizing scientists as "militant atheists" does not tell the whole story, because the criticism from scientists started when some of the evolution deniers decided to bring "creation science" into education. A scientific theory requires evidence before it is believed; religion only requires faith, and historically the clergy has denied scientific theories that dispute what is written in the Bible. These are not "militant atheists," they are scientists protecting their field.

Some of the members of the clergy cautioned their followers not to argue with the "enemy" because some of them are scientists. Why are scientists depicted as the enemy if science is so compatible with religion? It's a fact that education is the enemy of religious dogma, and Darwin's theory of evolution is not compatible with religion; or the Creation Story in Genesis? Genesis is the completely erroneous story in the Bible explaining to man how the Creator created everything, and there are two conflicting (erroneous) versions. The only way to get around this stale old absurd situation is to say that the story was metaphorical, not scientific. If the Bible were the inspired by God writings then why wouldn't His explanation of creation be better than the scientific explanation, or be the undisguised truth?

If religion were actually compatible with science then what science discovered would be indisputable proof that God created everything, and then He told man how He did it, but nothing could be more in conflict than the story of Creation in Genesis and what science has found. The "inspired by God" stories of the Bible are not compatible with science.

What some members of the clergy are claiming is that it is possible to reconcile scientific theory and belief in God, but this does not change the fact that there are creationists who still say that evolution must not be taught as fact unless the weaknesses of evolution are taught. That is why scientists have written books that point out the folly of "creation science" and the humbug concerning religion. Evolution is not a theory about a banana. Evolution is a scientific theory that led to the discovery of DNA, and DNA proved the theory. There is no scientific theory that involves a Creator and creation is not science.

There are those who try to avoid these issues by claiming that "religion explains areas of existence that science cannot." That's right, because science is involved in areas of existence that are provable and nobody can study a spook. Some of the clergy claim that the only reason that Christians doubted the scientific theories was because scientists represent atheistic and materialistic views. I guess that will do away with the silly notion that the clergy disputed scientific theories because scientific theories didn't agree with what was written in the Bible? Now it has all been settled so why don't the scientists shut up? Scientists know that the flat earth crowd has been attacking them for years and the "compatibility" statement doesn't change a thing. The clergy want a Christian voice in scientific areas, and they want students of science in the universities to have greater faith in the Creator. However, the fault-finding clergy who are saying that there is compatibility of science and religion claim that science could never provide a full explanation of our understanding of the world, because no matter how close to the truth science and math theory are, they are only approximations.

They know that their "faith based" arguments have been abandoned by anyone with any sense because they contradict scientific theory, so the only thing left is to claim that science cannot be entirely accurate, so there is always a degree of mystery. And guess what? They claim that any remaining mystery is God. "The god of the gaps" can always solve any mystery. What are the mysteries that the Bible has solved even approximately? No matter, because scientists have solved this unsolvable mystery, there is no God.

History proves that the Christian clergy has always fought science and not because scientists were atheists. In 1633, Galileo Galilei was put on trial because his scientific discoveries were in conflict with what was written in the Bible. There have been conflicts between science and religion since Galileo. I think that the clergy claim that science is inexact and cannot explain (mysteries) proves that the clergy is still afraid of science, because science not only disputes religion, but science has explained things that religion never could. I think that the only reason the clergy now claims that science and belief in God are compatible is to stop the scientists from writing critical books about their idiotic religion.

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