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non-prophets prior to 4.13?

I'd love to listen to some of the older non-prophets, but the oldest available on the website is 4.13. Is there anywhere I can find the earlier episodes?

The archives are on someone's shelf somewhere and there is an intention to package them up into some sort of useful form. It's not clear when that will happen however. Your interest in them is noted.

Cool. Thanks!

Don can you confirm or deny that this your youtube channel?

I'm interested in knowing more about Atheism but wanted to be sure it was your account not some namesake.

Thank you.


It's really owned by the ACA and it's a place where all of the older Atheist Experience episodes were uploaded. They originally went to "Google Video" until they acquired YouTube and the content was migrated. Newer videos are on

The best way to view our episodes is via the archive:

All episodes are listed with the appropriate links.

There is actually a torrent out there with Season 1 of NPR, back from 2001-2002. Not sure if this was uploaded by someone at ACA, but I downloaded it and the files are the real thing. Here is the link:

I haven't found seasons 2 or 3 or the first half of 4 online anywhere.

Helll-loooo, what have we here?? :)

Thanks for the link! I wonder if that uploader has the rest...

Nice. Thanks.

Thank you for the link!

this link no longer works...anyone care to reseed it? I would really like the archives

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