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The Atheist Community of Austin believes that knowledge and understanding are two of the most important tools we can use to combat the rising tide of fundamentalism that is threatening to engulf the country. One way in which we help people to learn about and understand atheism and religion is to make available a library of books, video tapes, online articles and more on these and other topics of interests.

Web links

Here, we've collected links to web pages that are of interest to atheists. We invite suggestions for additional links.


We have assembled a number of articles on various topics, including some written by our members. Some of these links will take you off site to other places you may find you enjoy visiting.

ACA newsletters

Complete back copies of our newsletters, The Austin Atheist, Atheist Community News, and The Atheist. It's is generally produced once a month, although it has been spotty at times.

ACA press releases

ACA Press releases are official communications to the media and the greater community.

Physical library items

The ACA maintains a library of books, videos and newsletters of interest to atheists. Members can check out any item in the library by simply contacting the librarian and arranging to pick it up. Non-members are welcome to ask that any printed item be brought to our weekly meeting, but they will not be allowed to check anything out.

Calendar of historic dates

Have you ever wanted to have a celebration but didn't have a reason? We're assembling a calendar which marks important secular occasions that deserve recognition. It also includes darker, more negative events in the history of religion, for those times people need to be reminded of the evil of dogma.

This is a brand new project, so the calendar is still mostly empty. If you have any good dates to add, please send them to the web master.

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