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Links of interest to atheists. Also, check out our ancillary efforts page.

Atheist and Freethought Organizations

  • The Internet Infidels' Secular Web
    The Secular Web is the product of Internet Infidels, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to providing information over the Internet about the existence of a god, church/state separation, the possibility of life after death, mysticism and the paranormal, and the interface between science and religion. We provide information on these topics by publishing literally thousands of historical and contemporary articles on our web server, and we are adding new articles all the time.
  • Since 1978, the nonprofit  Freedom From Religion Foundation has been working to keep state and church separate and to educate the public about the views of nontheists.  Members include freethinkers (atheists, agnostics, etc.) from all 50 states, Canada, and other countries. The Foundation monitors state/church abuses, taking lawsuits and making official complaints on behalf of individuals and our membership. Foundation staff provide resources for media and public appearances.  Cash scholarships are awarded to winners of the Foundation's annual student essay contest.
  • Since 1963, American Atheists has been the premier organization laboring for the civil liberties of Atheists, and the total, absolute separation of government and religion. It was born out of a court case begun in 1959 by the Murray family which challenged prayer recitation in the public schools. That case -- Murray v. Curlett -- was a landmark in American jurisprudence on behalf of our First Amendment rights.
    Note the Texas chapter.
  • The Atheist Alliance Inc. (AAI) is a democratic association of 13 independent, autonomous atheist societies. Applications for AAI membership from independent local or regional atheist clubs, groups, societies, organizations, and associations are always welcome.
  • Center for Inquiry Austin, CFI's local group.
  • Evolve Fish Here's a good place to buy those cool fishies that you see on the backs of cars all the time. No, not the Jesus fishies, the other fishies, with "Darwin", "Evolve", "Science", etc.
  • Secular People and Atheistic Net Culture
    The links on this page represent atheism's contribution to net.culture.
  • Page of Honest Intellectual Inquiry
    Philosophy, Religion, Science and other thought provoking topics discussed.  An annotated bibliography of some thought-provoking titles.
  • Non-Believer Anti-Discrimination Project
    Membership, Employment, and Service Restrictions Targeting Nonbelievers
  • - Run by ex-Christians, the intent of this site is twofold: First, to lend support to those embarking on the lonely road out of Christianity. Second, to show the other side of the story, the nasty implications of Christian beliefs that churches fail to present.
  • Atheist Longhorns, the UT atheist student group.
  • Freethought Society of Texas State Freethought group at Texas State in San Marcos.

Compilational Sites

Skeptical Sites

  • The Skeptic's Dictionary - Everything you wanted to know about about everything supernatural, spiritual, scam-like, or unproven, but were afraid to ask.
  • The James Randi Educational Foundation in Florida is getting into gear for the battle against misinformation, pseudoscience, and fraud.  Members of the prestigious "2000 Club" have pledged more than $1,100,000 to anyone who can actually demonstrate something supernatural.
  • Australian Skeptics  Investigating pseudo-science and the paranormal from a responsible scientific viewpoint.
  • James Haught's Agnostic Site  Challenge supernaturalism in all its forms, from religion to ouija boards.
  • The Skeptic Tank
  • Moon Base Clavius Debunking all the idiots who think the moon landings were hoaxed.

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