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Press Releases

ACA Press Releases are official communications of the ACA to the media. These communications involve positions on various issues or announcements of ACA initiatives to the greater community.

To contact our media relations coordinator, please use our contacts page.

Date Issued   Title
October 24, 2015 Concerning the passing of Texas State Constitutional Amendment, Proposition 2
October 24, 2015 On the June 27th 2005 Supreme Court Ruling on the Texas Ten Commandments Monument
October 18, 2010 Texas Atheist Group Releases Voters Guide for 2010
October 15, 2008 Texas Atheist Group Develops Voters' Guide
February 2, 2007 Concerning the Patrick Resolution (SR141)
May 1, 2006 Concerning the National Day of Prayer event at the Texas State Capitol to occur May 4th
December 22, 2005 Concerning the Dover School District Intelligent Design Decision
December 5, 2005 Concerning the Harris County Appeal over its Courthouse Bible Display

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