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All non-superstitious people are welcome to attend all of our meeting events. You do not need to be a member.

Regular Sunday Meetings

We have a weekly meeting and discussion group where atheists can interact with each-other. You can join us, Sunday mornings from 10:00am - 12:00pm. Cafe Express, 3418 North Lamar Blvd at 35th. [Map]. Parking is in the rear. You do not need to be a member to be welcome.

Monthly Lectures

The ACA Lecture Series is usually held the second Sunday of the month at the Austin History Center (AHC), but check the lectures page or calendar to be sure. Lectures start at 12:30pm. They are free and open to the public. The Austin History Center is located at the intersection of 9th and Guadalupe downtown [Google Map].

Meet-up after The Atheist Experience

The cast and crew of The Atheist Experience TV show meet up after after a live show, Sundays around 6:00pm. Check The Atheist Experience web site for details, including whether there is a live show that Sunday. Note that this is not an official ACA meeting, but atheist and atheist-friendly people are welcome to participate.

Board Meetings

The first Sunday of every month (usually) the Board of Directors meets at the ACA Library at 1pm. Check the calendar for the actual date, time, and location. Members are encouraged to participate, but they may not vote on board resolutions. Members may request agenda items by contacting the President and Vice President with a request. Anyone who did not arrange to be on the agenda by the Friday before the meeting may still request items, subject to a majority vote of the Board during the meeting. Non-members may attend board meetings with permission.

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