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ACA to have community garage sale

July 20, 2008

ACA's first garage sale will be September 6th as a group fund raiser.

The sale will be held at members Lisa's house who lives in north Austin. The sale will run from 8am to around 4pm or whenever things are sold. Proceeds from the garage sale will go to the ACA.

Please donate to the event. What we are looking for are items that you would just take to Goodwill, anything that you don't use, or just want to get rid of.

There will be two locations where items can be dropped off. You can drop them off at Lisa's house in north Austin and Mike's house in south Austin. Please contact Lisa or Mike to make arrangements. More detailed contact information is available for ACA members when they log in to the web site. We request that all items be dropped off by Wednesday, September 3rd.

We also ask that you mark the items on what you feel they are worth. Lastly, any items that aren't sold will be taken to Goodwill the next day, so please leave us items that you don't want back if not sold.

Thanks a lot, and now let's clean out some closets for a good cause!

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