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2008 Voters' Guide

September 20, 2008

In this election year, the ACA has finally decided to enter the political fray. While our 501(c)3 organizational status does not allow us to support any particular party or political candidate, we can raise our issues in the political arena. And there are plenty of issues that atheists care about that are largely missing from the nationís political dialog. Church-state separation would be a major one, but we also care about fair treatment, promotion of science, and other topics. As an active atheist group in the Capitol city of the second largest state, the ACA is well positioned to make a big impact. To do that, we have decided to create a votersí guide for issues that concern atheists.

The 2008 Votersí Guide has been announced on the ACA Web site. Results will be published on or before October 13th. The guide will be based on the results of a survey of candidates running for offices voted on by Texans in the 2008 general election. Because every candidate for each race is given the same opportunity to respond, the votersí guide will allow voters to make an informed choice on the issues behind the questions.

We are hoping that the survey gets some publicity and raises awareness for our issues. We do not expect large numbers of the surveys to be returned to us. Even so, the survey will have an educational impact on the candidates and the community at large.

We feel the votersí guide is a great initiative that advances our mission and provides a public service. We are doing our part to improve our nation by helping to elect highly qualified candidates regardless of party. Thanks to ACA members who have contributed to the project. If you support this effort, consider making a donation to the ACA to defray costs. See you at the voting booth!

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