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ACA at the Texas Pride Festival

June 6, 2004

On the first Sunday of every June, the Atheist Community of Austin has a booth at the Texas Pride Festival, sponsored by the Lesbian/Gay Rights Lobby of Texas as part of its Texas Pride Weekend.

The yearly event at Fiesta Gardens gives ACA members an opportunity to meet other gay and gay-friendly people and to catch up with gay and gay-friendly friends, talking to one and all about our organization's activities and goals. The five religious fundamentalists protesting outside the gates this year also provided yet another reminder about the importance of church-state separation!

The relevance of a secular society to equal rights and individual liberty was also addressed on that day's edition of The Atheist Experience. Co-host Keryn Glasser and producers Steve Elliott and Joe Rhodes had just arrived from the Festival to do our live television program, which begins at 4:30 pm each Sunday. Other ACA members continued to run the booth and enjoy the event, where over a hundred other local organizations also participated.

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