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ACA Kicks Off Katrina Relief Fund

September 5, 2005

The last week of August, the world watched in growing disbelief as life in New Orleans spiraled downward into a nightmare of filthy water, abandoned bodies and desperate citizens pleading for help. Much has been said of the nation’s disappointment in the official response, however, Americans of all stripes, including atheists, are generously contributing to front line relief organizations in an outpouring of support for our Gulf Coast neighbors. The Atheist Community of Austin is now accepting donations that will be passed along to disaster relief organizations such as the Red Cross. Here’s how you can help: * Write a check payable to ACA, and note “Katrina Relief Fund” on it. - Mail it to… Atheist Community of Austin PO Box 3798 Austin, TX 78764 - Or bring it to the meeting this coming Sunday at Crescent City Beignets * Visit and make a donation to the general fund through PayPal. Send an email to (without the X) indicating you wish your donation to go to the Katrina Relief Fund.

ACA will pass 100% of this money along to organizations that are both worthy and sufficiently secular. This is something we can do together as a community, and feel good about it.

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