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ACA President Matt Dillahunty featured in the Statesman

March 19, 2007

The Sunday, March 18, 2007 edition of the Austin American Statesman featured ACA President Matt Dillahunty on the front page of the Metro & State section, under the title "Preaching his own gospel of atheism". A link to the story was saved on Richard Dawkins' web site

The article focused primarily on Matt's path to atheism, his coming out experience with his family, and his role as host of the Atheist Experience TV show.

The article mentions the Atheist Community of Austin and some facts about it, but does not talk about what atheism is or our stance on the importance of church-state separation. On reading the article, you might not be aware that atheists, for the most part, come to the same conclusion under their own power and not because of some sort of atheist evangelism striking an emotional chord. The reader almost gets the impression he's the lone ranger out on the frontier.

We are grateful for the Statesman for a positive article and we hope to see more articles in the future on secular topics.

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