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ACA will hold a free speech demonstration for National Day of Reason

April 5, 2007

ACA will be holding a demonstration at the Texas State Capitol on Wednesday, May 3rd from Noon to 1pm as part of our National Day of Reason activities. We would like to get a big group out there with signs promoting reason and church-state separation. We already have the signs, but we need participants.

We will have an informal meal meeting prior to the event at Hickory Street, 8th and Congress at starting from 11am. After a meal, we'll go to the sidewalk on 12th St. in front of the Capitol to set up our signs. We'll be there from Noon to 1pm. We'll wave at cars, show off the signs, and chat with people on the street. Please come down. Wear sunscreen and bring some water for yourself. The event is fun and a great way to show your support for reason and church-state separation.

This event is part of a National Day of Reason response to the National Day of Prayer event occurring at the same time at the Capitol. As far as we know, this particular NDoP event does not violate church-state separation boundaries, but the national movement is clearly over the line. (If you know of a way that the NDoP event violates church-state separation, please let us know.) We will be exercising our free speech rights in response in the form of a demonstration. Other National Day of Reason activities are being done across the country as part of a movement to promote reason and community service.

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