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Jeff Dee honored at May 6th Election meeting

May 7, 2007

Jeff Dee was honored at the May 6th election meeting with a plaque and a letter signed by the board members. The photograph of the plaque and text of the letter appears below. Give him a pat on the back when he returns from his sabbatical.

Jeff's Plaque

In recognition of Jeff Dee, May 6, 2007

The Atheist Community of Austin would like to recognize Jeff Dee for his many contributions. Jeff is one of the founding members of the Atheist Community of Austin and over the course of its first decade he has been one of our most active members. He helped shape the direction of the ACA by serving as both board member and co-chair. He has been host and co-host of The Atheist Experience and was the creator and driving force behind our Internet podcast, The Non-Prophets - an idea which increased the scope and popularity of the ACA’s media outreach programs.

He has been a public spokesperson for the ACA, representing reason and atheism at National Day of Reason rallies, the Godless Americans March on Washington, and many other activism events. He was also a major contributor to the “friend of the court” brief that the ACA submitted to the Supreme Court for the Michael Newdow pledge case. He has been a shining example of service, dedication and cooperation and has selflessly donated countless hours of his time to ensuring that the ACA continues to thrive.

Jeff is taking a well-deserved break in order to focus on career opportunities while other volunteers attempt to continue the efforts he helped pioneer.

Today’s moment of recognition is not, in any way, a “goodbye.” We simply want to give credit where it is due, offer our appreciation for the work he has done, and let him know that we are all looking forward to a time when he is able to continue working with the ACA to champion positive atheism, reason, and church-state separation.

A volunteer organization like the ACA lives or dies based on the effort and effectiveness of its volunteers and Jeff’s efforts have not only been effective, they have inspired others to participate and contribute as well.

We cannot possibly repay Jeff for his contributions, but we offer our heartfelt gratitude and this small plaque to serve as a constant reminder that he has not simply been a part of the ACA; he has been critical to its success.

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