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Bat Cruise on Town Lake, September 22, 2007
We had our second (annual?) bat cruise event on Town Lake, September 22, 2007. Capital Cruises was our host for the event. We floated from downtown East on Town Lake to an area near the Holly power plant. The lake gives a very different perspective of Austin. On the way back, the sun set over the Congress Avenue Bridge where we waited for the bats to emerge.

In the mean time, we had some great conversation and food on the boat. Matt brought his guitar, though no naughty songs this year. We got to know some folks that we don't often see at meetings, which was nice. A few of our members brought atheist-friendly friands along, who we also enjoyed meeting.

The bats finally did emerge, but it was too dark for good pictures. Next year we're going to try to get the double decker boat so that we'll feel a little less enclosed by the awning of the boat.

Many thanks to everyone who came out, everyone who took photos, everyone who brought food and/or drinks, everyone who made music, and thanks also to Shelley Roberts and Mike for organizing the event and dealing with the money.

Hope to see you on the boat next year!

(For more information about the bats, see Bat Conservation International and their web page about the Congress Avenue bat colony.)

Photos from the event

The Congress Avenue Bridge, where the bats live.

Downtown Austin.

Everybody on the boat.

Matt, Robert and Tracie.

Sheila, Mykel, Shelley, Elze, and Erika, the cool girls of the cruise.

Paul and Mykel.

The Captain and Tracie.

Sandra and Matt.

Town Lake at Night.

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