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2007 Vernal Equinox Party, March 24, 2007
Mike hosted the 2007 Vernal Equinox party, which was a great success. About 20 people came for Mike's steaks, hamburgers, and an assorted bunch of other snacks and goodies. There was plenty of entertainment which consisted of drinking massive amounts of alcohol, a video arcade machine and a pool table.

The highlight of the evening was, of course, the drunken Karaoke. Russell Glasser's ad libbing of (Southpark) Cartman's "Come Sail Away" was PRICELESS! However the rest of the group's singing left much to be desired, and like Matt said on the Atheist Experience TV show, there is a reason why the ACA doesn't have a choir!

We very much appreciate Mike hosting the event! We're looking for additional ACA party hosts for future events.

Enjoying the games...

...and the good food...

...and interesting people...

...and good conversation.

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