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2009 ACA Pub Crawl March 6, 2009
The second annual Atheist Community of Austin pub crawl started out at Dog & Duck pub, the home of the ACA happy hours; then we went to 6th street. We hit Fado's Irish Pub and later Gingerman. Most people wore the new "Imbibe like an infidel" t-shirts, but a few of us wore the "Pubs, not popes" shirts from last year. This lead to the one and only t-shirt-provoked encounter of the night. A hippie-looking guy at Fado's informed the tablemates "this lady is not Catholic!", as if they didn't already know it. He wasn't hostile about it. He just told us he believes in spirituality.

Thanks to Elze Hamilton for the pictures.

Kelly, Elaine and an unidentified guy at the beginning of the Godless pub crawl at Dog & Duck.

Annie and Beth get cozy.

Shilling and Tony at Fados.

Lindsey, Elze, and Annie, part of ACA's incipient women's group that was immediately named, ahem... "flow". Later modified to "Dark Flow".

Elze, Annie, Julie and Lisa -- more womyn power.

Lindsay, David and Pam at Fados.

Matt and Beth at Gingerman.

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