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Bat Cruise on Town Lake, September 25, 2010

The fifth annual ACA Bat Cruise sailed on Saturday, September 25, 2010. Around 100 participants came to Austin for a day of events geared at luring atheists in to Austin from around the state and around the country. Events included a precruise lecture by Matt Dillahunty on "The Superiority of Secular Morality," the cruise itself went from 6pm until after Sunset. After dinner, a sizable fraction of the group went to Esther's Follies comedy club for an evening of fun. We had guests from as far away as Seattle and Trinidad and Tobago as well as many guests from Houston and Dallas.

The cruise itself was a nice mix of conversation, snacking, and bat watching. Austin is the home to the largest urban bat population in the world and they emerge from under the Congress Avenue Bridge at sunset to forage for food. Being on the river is the best place to watch the bats as they can be seen clearly in silhouette.

Everyone enjoyed the day and we look forward to a similar day of activities next year. Special thanks goes to ACA Treasurer John Iacoletti, who organized the event.

(For more information about the bats, see Bat Conservation International and their web page about the Congress Avenue bat colony.)

Photos from the event

Beth and Matt arrive.

Chattin' and snackin' on the lower deck.

Going under the Lamar bridge.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster makes a guest appearance.

The upper deck, waiting for bats.

Waiting for bats near the Congress Avenue Bridge.

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