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The Atheist Experience

The Ray Blevins/Joe Zamecki Days

When The Atheist Experience began its run on TimeWarner Cable (back then it was Austin Access), it was hosted by some of ACA's founding members, Ray Blevins (the Raytheist) and Joe Zamecki. Joe left after a time and moved up east, where he now works with American Atheists. Ray continued as host of the show, with Jeff Dee as co-host, leaving in late 1999. Here's a glimpse into ACA's primordial media efforts.

(Left) The early crew. Joe, Ray, and then-stage manager Keith Berka are kneeling in front. Arlo Pignotti, who's back and still occasionally involved with the show, is standing to the far right. (Right) Vic Farrow, co-host of ACA's The Non-Prophets, is standing on the left. Vic became the TV show's producer, and even its co-hostfor a short while under Jeff Dee at the beginning of 2000, before Martin replaced him. He preferred working in the control room much more.

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