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Special Interest Groups

Special interest groups are semi-official groups consisting mostly of ACA members who share a common interest. The ACA has two such groups:

Dark Flow (women's interest group)

Dark Flow is a group casually related to atheism and agnosticism (or humanitarianism, secularism, non-theism, and humanism) and women. (Dark Flow is in reference to a net motion of galaxy clusters with respect to the cosmic microwave background radiation.) This group is a special interest group of the Atheist Community of Austin, but it is self-managed. It is not intended to be a dating service for atheists although if it happens, that could be a good thing for some people. Specifically, what it is NOT is a male bashing group. It is also NOT designed to promote any negative atheism. This group is designed as an opportunity to have women of a wide variety of ages, careers, and lifestyle choices come together and do some fun social stuff, in addition to having intelligent--and maybe not so intelligent--conversations over food and drink. Non-theist women are welcome, regardless of ACA membership.

Currently, the group is on hiatus. We are looking for people to reactivate the group.

You can learn more by visiting the Dark Flow Facebook page. The group is organized by Julie Fullingim.

Atheist Experience Producers

It takes a lot of dedication and skill to make The Atheist Experience TV show happen every week. Besides the personalities in front of the camera and the content of the show, even more goes on behind the camera. These things include dealing with mics, sound boards, computer graphic titles, chroma-key backgrounds, cameras, video mixing, phone screening, streaming on the Internet, interactive chat, product post-production, Podcasts, web site maintenance, and answering viewer mail.

While the producers of the show are not a formal group, they are the people that make the show happen. We're proud of their efforts. For more, check out:

ACA members are welcome to come and watch the shows being aired. See the show web site for more information.

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